South India Tour Packages Guide

South India Tour Packages.
South India Tour Packages.

Introduction: Hello travelers today we talk about south india tour packages. South India is the largest ancient with 18 dynasties and highest UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India. The natural beauty of Kerala and the finest temples of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and many more makes you plan South India Tour.

A step by step guide to South India Tour Packages

The adventure activities, tropical beaches, backwaters, ayurvedic treatments, hill stations, wildlife makes it a perfect destination for all kinds of tourists as it is the best of everything. The South India Tour Packages includes Andhra Pradesh Tour Packages, Karnataka Tour Packages, Kerala Tour Packages, Tamil Nadu Tour Packages, Pondicherry Tour Packages, Lakshadweep Tour Packages, Andaman Nicobar Tour Packages and Telangana Tour Packages.

Andhra Pradesh Tour Packages

Andhra Pradesh offers scenic spots, heritage locations, religious places, wildlife areas, beautiful valleys, tranquil lakes, meadows, hill stations, virgin forests, scenic dams, hills, ridges, swirling beaches, resorts, caves, national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and what not many more. Andhra Pradesh Tour winds the heart of tourists and gives a memorable experience in their lifetime. Andhra Pradesh Tour Packages include- Andhra Pradesh Buddhist Tour for 6 nights, Odisha tribal tour for 12 nights, the virgin coast for 14 nights, holy Tirupati for 4 nights, JagannathYatra Tour along with Visakhapatnam for 12 nights, SatyaSai Baba with Andhra Pradesh for 12 nights, Tour of Saints of South India for 12 nights and many more.

 Kerala Tour Packages

Kerala has become a perfect spot for nature lovers, adventure seekers, honeymooners, families, etc. Kerala is one of the most famous tourist places because of its spectacular features like its ecological wonders, classical art forms, colorful festivals, delectable fresh local cuisine, temples, and archaeological sites are few of them makes it unique from the other travel destinations of India. Kerala is the best honeymoon destination in South India which includes Munnar, Wayanad, Alleppey, Kovalam. The best Kerala Tour Packages include-Kerala honeymoon tour for 7 nights, Kerala houseboat tour for 4 nights, Best of Kerala Tour Package for 7 nights, Kerala Ayurveda Tour package for 13 nights, Kerala backwater tour for 3 nights, Wayanad Tour with VythiriTreehouse package for 2 nights, Romantic Kerala Tour Package for 5 nights, Periyar Tour with Tree House Package for 2 nights and many more.

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Karnataka Tour Package

Karnataka is ranked as the third popular state in the country for tourism. Karnataka is a South Indian State located along the Arabian Sea in its west consists of the Deccan plateau and the coastal plains beside a few islands. Karnataka is famous for archeological marvels at Hampi, Halebid, Gulbarga, Badami, Bidar, Bijapur, and Bengaluru whereas the wildlife sanctuaries in Karnataka include Bandipur National Park. The famous Rivers in Karnataka are Kalinadi, GangavathiBedti, Tadri, Sharavati with Jog Falls. Karnataka is well-known in the production of ‘Mysore Silk’. Karnataka is one of the popular tourist places as it is adorned with vibrant colors, cultures, flavors, rivers, landscapes, and beauty where you will have the most amazing experience. The Karnataka Tour Packages include Tour to Karnataka for 6 nights, Bangalore Mysore Tour for 4 nights, Hill stations of South India, Short escape to Kabini, Bandipur and Ooty Tour, Jog Fall trip from Banglore, Bangalore Nagarhole Tour, Short escape to Bandipur National Park, Culture of Karnataka with wildlife, Karnataka ancient tour, discover Karnataka, Shimoga with Jog and Kunchikal falls, Karnataka with Beach tour, Karnataka wild adventure tour, and many more.

Lakshadweep Tour Package

Lakshadweep is one of the Union Territories in India and is the most beautiful destinations in the country. You can explore the beautiful reefs, submerged banks, villages, religious places and many more. Lakshadweep marine life indulges more adventure activities like trekking, water sports and many more. Lakshadweep holiday tour packages include- Incredible Lakshadweep, Bangaram water sports tour.

Pondicherry Tour Package 

It is famously called as the French colony. This is an ideal place to explore for people who love to spend time in nature. It is famous for beaches, French culture, and architecture and can witness the charm of Pondy. Other attractions in Pondicherry include-Aurobindo Ashram, water spots at Paradise Beach, and famous French cuisines. Pondicherry Tour packages include- Chennai Pondicherry Tour, Holy Tirupati with Pondicherry, Pondicherry tour with beaches, Malabar Coast tour.

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Pondicherry Tour Packages.
Pondicherry Tour Packages.

Telangana Tour Packages

Telangana is a newly formed state of India consisting of the ten Northwestern districts of Andhra Pradesh. Telangana is famous for its rich history, culture, monuments, forts, temples, waterfalls, sacred groves, National parks, and sanctuaries. Telangana has a multiethnic population with various Indian traditions. It has some unique pleasures which include Hyderabadi dum biryani, Pearls and the delight of baked goods among many others. One has to explore the places, tourist attractions, shopping centers, culture, and cuisine to make your holiday a memorable oneTelangana Tour Packages includes Hyderabad tour with Ramoji film city, the virgin coast of Telangana, Pilgrimage tours to Telangana.

Tamil Nadu Tour Packages

Tamil Nadu is home to a lot of beautiful places. It is one of the best tourist places to visit in India to opt for spending your quality and memorable time. It is a land of cultural and religious heritage with the vast plethora of history and beauty blend with both modern and ancient eras makes Tamil Nadu a beautiful traveling destination to explore and experience its heritage.

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Tamil Nadu Tour Packages.
Tamil Nadu Tour Packages.

It is filled with cultural opulence, gorgeous coastline, wildlife sanctuaries, hill stations, temples, make Tamil Nadu a popular destination worldwide. Tamil Nadu Tour Packages include-OotyKumarakom Tour, Chennai with Temple Tour, Short escape to Ooty, Chennai Trichy Tour, Complete Tamil Nadu Tour, South India honeymoon tour, Tamil Nadu Temple Tour, Coonor with Ooty, Chennai with Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu Golden Triangle, Splendors of Tamil Nadu and many more.

Andaman and Nicobar Tour Packages

The most romantic and beautiful islands situated in the Bay of Bengal with Myanmar on the east and north, is an ideal place which is filled with greenery landscape, translucent waters, white sand beaches, sun-dappled, coconut groves offer best picturesque views, you will never forget in your lifetime. There are many spots to visit in the Andaman Islands. There are about 527 islands, where only a few can be accessed by tourists and the remaining is bound to protect the right to privacy. Andaman tour is incomplete without visiting them. Apart from islands, it is also a beautiful destination for national parks, historic monuments, adventure sports, beautiful beaches, churches, and the people are amazing with their hospitality. The only Island in India gained popular commercial importance with the pure essence of nature. It is an amazing place for bird watching, where you can find a woodpecker, crake, woodpigeon, drongo, cuckoo shrike, flowerpecker, and many more. Andaman and Nicobar Tour Packages include- 6 Days Andaman Tour Package, Andaman Honeymoon Package for 5 nights, Andaman Tour with Neil Island for 6 nights, Andaman Tour Package from Kolkata for 7 nights, Andaman Honeymoon Package, Experience Andaman tour.

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