Rajasthan Travel Tips for First Time Travelers

Rajasthan Travel Tips and Ideas.
Rajasthan Travel Tips and Ideas.

Introduction: Hello first time travelers today we go through Rajasthan Travel Tips and Ideas. A vacation in Rajasthan will give you an amazing experience as you will be knowing about history, culture, royalty, and colors. Hence Rajasthan is popularly known as ‘Bouquet of Landscape and History’ as it has all the places from sand dunes to palaces.

A step by step guide to Rajasthan travel tips

The history of Rajasthan can be traced back to the Indus Valley Civilization. It is mostly famous for the hill station Mount Abu, the Thar Desert, where the temperature plummets to -7°C during winter. Most of the people in Rajasthan can converse in English and the tour guides are also available but make sure that the tour guide is recognized by the government. This is an important tip for the tourists who visit Rajasthan. Rajasthan has many places to visit and a detailed travel guide is elaborated under the travel destination category. This post contains all the travel trips for Rajasthan and should be read before you visit the state. What are we waiting for let us get into Rajasthan travel tips and ideas.

The ideal time to visit

The best time to visit Rajasthan is October to March as the temperature is optimal for site seeing and one can enjoy the beauty of nature during this time. This is considered as the peak time as many of the people, all over the world visit during this season to explore the beauty of the city.

Ideasl Time to Visit Rajasthan.
Ideasl Time to Visit Rajasthan.

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Stay duration

Rajasthan has many places to visit and the from place to place is far apart. At least you need to stay 2 nights in each city to explore the Rajasthan well. There are four main cities in Rajasthan and hence it takes a minimum of 10-12 days to complete the trip in Rajasthan.

Language in Rajasthan

You will not face any language problem in most places in Rajasthan. Rajasthani is the common language in Rajasthan but most of the local people speak good Hindi.

Dress code

Dress yourself appropriately to avoid getting stared looks. Respect the other’s culture, religion, and other women.

Secure your valuable things

Keep your bag, mobile, etc. to safeguard from thefts.

Intercity travel in Rajasthan

Travelling through intercity is the better option to explore the places in Rajasthan. The roads are long and well-constructed and you feel comfortable during the journey. Drivers prefer daylight to ride than during the night. Hence many of them opt the intercity travel to plan their duration and stay.

Best Rajasthan road trip route

The road trip from Jaipur to Udaipur is as follows:

Jaipur – Jaisalmer – Jodhpur – Udaipur.

Jaipur to Jaisalmer takes 10 hours; Jaisalmer to Jodhpur 9 hours; Jodhpur to Udaipur 5 hours.

Local travel options

There are plenty of local travel options in Rajasthan which include the following- Tuk-tuk, battery-operated rickshaws, auto-rickshaws, tourist buses, local buses, cabs, Tourist permit cars. Few drivers also provide entire tour packages where you can opt them according to your budget and plan.

Stay at Rajasthan

There are plenty of accommodation options in every city of Rajasthan which includes-Luxury palaces, hotels, lodges, small Havelis, homestays, etc. with cozy accommodation and meets your budget. You can also find the decor that reflects the Rajasthani culture and hospitality which comes under this accommodation only. You can also book your accommodation online in advance before visiting. Winter is the peak season in Rajasthan, hence it is better to book your accommodations ahead as the costs shoot up during these touristic months.

Shopping places in Rajasthan

You can shop a lot in Rajasthan as you can find many handmade items. The famous items include- Pashmina shawls, Rajasthani bed sheet, traditional shoes, jewelry, Indian artifacts, dupattas, bags, decorative items and many more. The most popular local markets in Rajasthan include- Johari bazar, Bapu bazar in Jaipur; clock tower and Naisarak in Jodhpur; Sadar bazar in Jaisalmer; Mahatma Gandhi Road in Bikaner; Bada Bazar in Udaipur which is the biggest market in the whole Rajasthan.

Make sure you carry only cash

You need to understand the prices in Rajasthan and bargain according to it. If you are from other countries then make sure that you carry a useful travel planning sheet with you. People from abroad should check the conversion prices and then pay accordingly. Bargain them as much as you can as every shopkeeper will try to overcharge you. Always carry cash with you like only a few of the shops will accept credit cards, and debit cards. Nowadays, few of them are accepting G-pay, Phonepe, PayTm. Maintain enough change with you if not they will loot you saying that there is no change.

Cultural hotspots in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is rich in cultural heritage and is in different forms like chokidhani, desert safari camps, bagaurkihaveli, puppet shows, folk music, song and dance, camel rides with a fire show, camel festival, Jeep safari are the most famous ones.

Drinking water in Rajasthan

You should carry your mineral water that is available in your stay. Please ensure the water bottle should be sealed one before purchasing it.

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Food intake in Rajasthan

The famous food items in Rajasthan that one has to taste includes Dal batichurma- a famous desert; PyaazKachori-onion and gram flour dish; GattekiSabzi-gram flour dish; Laal mass- red meat dish.

Medicines to carry with you

It is better to carry medicines like diarrhea medicine, paracetamol, anti-allergic medicines, antacids, eye/ear drops and masks to protect from pollution, cough syrups, etc.

Essentials need to be carried

Toilet paper, scissors, sanitary pads (especially for ladies), Pepper sprays, mosquito repellants, body soap, matchbox, sanitizers, torches, batteries, power banks, Pee safe toilet seat sanitizer, tissue papers, wet wipes, first aid kit, bug spray, carry your own blankets to avoid allergic reactions, it better to carry the warm clothes if you visit Rajasthan in winter.

Useful apps

Install Google maps to know the routes and the distance to your destinations. Uber app, Ola app are the major travel aiding apps in the city

Tips for solo women travelers

Solo Women travelers should not walk alone during nights and it is best to dress sensibly without making yourself flashy. Try to blend with the locals and neighbors and act accordingly. Make yourself comfortable and sensible with your dressing style to avoid unnecessary attention and inviting troubles. It is strongly recommended to carry a pepper spray bottle to make you safe from strangers.

Emergency numbers to be noted

It is better to note down the emergency numbers like 100 for police, 101 fort fire department, and 102 for an ambulance. It is better to share your location through WhatsApp if you are stuck outside in late nights as a safety measure. Even though you opt for Uber or Ola cab service it is better to share your trip status or details to your family members or friends as a precaution. If you opt for private rickshaw or taxi it is better to take a photo of the number plate and share it with your family or friends.

Tourists must know what things to do in Rajasthan to have amazing, exciting, adventurous, and memorable experiences: Camel safari and desert camping, Dune bashing, Hot air balloon ride, Zipline, Kite festival on 14th of January every year, shopping-Johari Bazaar in Jaipur, Bike Tour, TukTuk ride-famous for its eco-friendly nature driven by women. That’s all folks about Rajasthan travel tips and tour ideas. You can consider the Best Travel Credit Cards for your trip.


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