Puri Pilgrimage Yatra, Jagannath Temple

Puri Pilgrimage Yatra.
Puri Pilgrimage Yatra.

Jagannath Temple, Puri Pilgrimage Yatra: Jagannath temple in Puri is the must-visit pilgrimage site for Hindus as it forms one of the parts of Char Dham in India. Puri in Odisha is famous for the presence of Jagannath temple which is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Puri, Konark, and Bhubaneshwar forms the Golden Triangle of Odisha with their religious significance and cultural heritage and hence are well noted as the centers of Tourism in India. In lifetime, you must have once Puri Pilgrimage Yatra. Let’s go for Puri Pilgrimage Yatra now. 

A step by step guide to Puri Pilgrimage Yatra, Jagannath Temple

There are many places to visit in Puri which includes Chilika Lake, Puri beach, JagannathRathYatra, GundichaGhar, Narendra Tank, Lakshmi Temple, Raghurajpur Artist Village, Markandeswara Temple, Swargadwar Beach, Astaranga Beach, Vimala Temple, Sudarshan Crafts Museum, Lokanath Temple, Ganesh Temple, SakshiGopal Temple, Alarnatha Temple, Baliharachandi Beach, Daya River, Baleshwar Beach, Sonar GourangaMandir, Balighai Beach, Pipili, Mausima Temple, Golden Beach, Blue Splash Water Park, Pratyush Ocean World, Nalbana Bird Sanctuary.

Brief History of Jagannatha Temple

It is believed that the Jagannath Temple in Puri is worshipped even during the times of Ramayana and Mahabharata. Pandavas of the Mahabharata used to offer prayers and worship Lord Jagannatha by visiting this place. The antiquity of Lord Jagannatha can be taken to the 2nd century BC under the provision of the emperor Kalinga. But in the 9th century AD Sankaracharya visited Puri and found the GovardhanaMatha as the Eastern Dhama of India. According to the traditional belief, a Hindu should visit these four Dhamas at least once in his lifetime where Puri is one amongst it. More interestingly the deities are buries from every 14 to 18 years and are replaced by new ones. These deities are made up of Neem Wood and are believed to disintegrate on their own.

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History of Puri Jagannath Temple.
History of Puri Jagannath Temple.

Description of Jagannath Temple

The main temple of Puri is surrounded by 30 temples in which a few are small and the others are big. It is advised by the Pandas to visit and worship in all these temples before they enter the main temple. Lord Jagannatha is not only the deity worshipped in this temple but there are also two others namely Balabhadra and Subhadra worshipped here. Sudharshan is the 4th important one also worshipped after them and is also known as CaturdhaMurti. Besides these Sridevi and Bhoodevi are also installed as sanctum and worshipped over here.

Darshan at Jagannath Temple at Puri

A nominal fee of Rs. 10 is charged for ParimanikDarshana where the pilgrims can have darshan from little distance in Jagamohan and Vitarakatha. At the time of Beshalagi, the devotees can have darshan at Bhitar Katha of Rs. 2 as a ticket fare.

Timings to visit Jagannath Puri Temple

It is ideal to visit JagannathPuri Temple before 10 am and the temple is open from 5:30 am to 10 pm every day. The time required for darshan is 30 minutes to 1 hour. The entry fee for the JagannathPuri Temple is free. But if you want to participate in some rituals then you have to pay Rs. 10-50. The rituals include Mangalaarti at 5 am, Beshalagi at 8 am, Sakaladhupa at 10 am, Mailam and BhogaMandap Puja in the morning, Madhyanhadhupa performed between 11 am to 1 pm, Sandhyadhupa between 7 pm to 8 pm, Mailam and Chandanalagi after evening pujas and is done with sandal paste, and BadashringaraBhoga- the last Bhoga of the day. 

Best time to visit  Puri Jagannath Temple

The dazzling festivals of Puri like RathaYatra are held during monsoon season. Even though the weather is unfavorable but you can participate in the plethora of the festival. Hence this time is considered as the best time to visit PuriJagannath Temple. 

Architecture of Jagannatha Puri Temple

The temple is spread over 4,00,000 square feet area and is enclosed by 2 rectangular walls, where the outer wall is called as MeghanandaPacheri which is 20ft high and the other is called KurmaBedha which surrounds the main temple. The temple has four main unique structures namely the Vimana, the Jagamohan, the NataMandir and the BhogaMandap which are built in a row. There are four main gates the eastern Singhawara- the Lion gate, the southern Ashwadwara- the Horse gate, the western Vyaghrasana- the Tiger gate and the northern Hastidwara-the Elephant gate. Among these four the Lion gate is the main entrance gate located on the Grand road. The Neela Chakra or the Blue Wheel present on the top of the temple is made up of different metals and every day a new flag is hosted on the Chakra. 

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Major Festivals at Jagannatha Temple in Puri

The major festivals celebrated in Jagannatha Temple in Puri are PuriRathYatra, SnanaYatra, ChandanYatra, DolaYatra, and MakaraSankranti. Each of these is described below briefly. 

Puri RathYatra

This is the major festival of the temple which is also known as GundichaYatra usually held in June or July. All the three idols of Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra are carried in huge chariots from BadaDanda, the main street of Puri, to the Gudicha temple and then after 9 days, they are brought back to the main Jagannath Temple. The return yatra is called BehudaYatra which is performed in the same way as RathYatra. This festival attracts thousands of people from all over the World, as it is a very famous pilgrimage center. The festival will be so beautiful with full of colors and all the three deities are adorned in bright colors. 

Snana Yatra

In this festival, the three deities are bathed on full moon day. This festival takes place in May or June. 

Chandan Yatra

This festival is held from April to May and is a 21-day festival. In this festival, the idols are kept in a beautifully decorated boat and are worshipped. The deities along with five images of Lord Shiva from 5 Shiva temples are taken in a procession to Narendra tank.

Dola Yatra

This festival takes place in the month of Phalguna. Special rituals are performed during this festival and the respective deities are taken in procession to Dolavedi.

Makara Sankranthi

This major festival is held during the month of Pausa, where the deities are decorated in Special dresses. Boiled rice mixed with candy and fruit juices is offered to the deities as this festival has an agricultural significance. 

Tour Packages to Puri

There are many tour packages available to Puri from different cities in India. These include- Tour BhuvaneshwarPuriKonark for 5 nights; BhuvaneshwarPuriOdisha Special for 3 nights, Odisha Special for 4 nights; Special packages during major festivals; Best of Odisha for 7 nights; Exotic Odisha; Golden Beach Puri; Unique Odisha and many more. You can check the packages online based on your time and schedule. 

Food in Puri

Puri being a pilgrim city mostly offers pure vegetarian food with Oriya as well as South-Indian Cuisine. Jagannatha temple is famously known for having the largest kitchen in the World which serves simple yet delicious food to pilgrims. 

Stay at Puri

You can book your stay online in the hotels based on your budget and number of days of stay and the rating given to individual hotels. Most of the stays are comfortable and few also allow homestays. But if you opt for a package then the package itself provides you a stay along with other things.

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