Places to Visit in Odisha – A Complete Travel Guide

Places to Visit in Odisha.
Places to Visit in Odisha.

Introduction: Hello friends we are here with a great information of the best places to visit in Odisha/Orissa. Let us go about the places and the culture of Odisha, which is well- known for its lush green and hilly terrain to coastal plains and rolling. Odisha is a place filled with nature and adventure, and it’s a visual treat for travelers who wish to see colors and enjoy relishing life.

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Its glory can be seen in the sun-kissed sand beaches and lakes, art, and culture, fairs and festivals, dances and music, exquisite temples, extraordinary monuments that depict its history and fantabulous architectural artwork of the centuries ago manufactured forts, natural landscapes, and wildlife. This makes Odisha attract a significant number of visitors coming across the globe. So, Odisha is considered as one of the travel destinations in India.

Best Places to Visit in Odisha.
Best Places to Visit in Odisha.

Best time to visit Odisha

The climate of the state is primarily influenced by the ocean as it is very close to it. Winters can be considered the best time to visit Odisha. Due to sea proximity, Odisha is having a tropical monsoon type of climate throughout the year. October to February is the period when the sky remains clear, pleasant and most festivals take place; this is why winter is the best time to visit Odisha.

Iconic attractions and top places to visit in Odisha

Odisha has long been famous for the magnificent Sun Temple at Konark – the temple is one of the unrivalled technical marvels of ancient India and for the glorious temples. The architecture of ancient temples of Laxmaneswar, Satrughaneswar and Bharateswar, Parasurameswar and Swarnajaleswar, Vaital Deul, Brahmeswar, and Ananta Vasudeva are eye-catching. Apart from temples the Orissa State Museum, Tribal Research Museum and Handicrafts House of Bhubaneshwar should not be ignored. Among the four religious centers in India, Puri in Odisha is famous for its Jagannath Temple. Other famous temples here are the Gundicha, Lokanath, and Tota Gopinath and tanks like Sweta Ganga and indradyumna. Puri, a popular beach resort is of special attraction for people fond of swimming in the sea. Excursions to Balighai (8 km), a picnic spot and Satyabadi (20 km) with its shrine dedicated to Lord Sakshigopal are suggested. Few of them are listed here which are the top iconic attractions to visit in Odisha.
1. Rayagada: Rayagada has a rich history with a distinct culture and well known for its cuisine, crafts, handmade products and many historical places. It is also famous for dense forests, historical monuments, tribal populations, authentic food makes it an ideal destination for all tourists.
2. Puri: It is one of the most visited pilgrimage sites for Hindus because of the presence of Jagannath Temple which is considered as the part of Char Dham in India. Puri is situated on the coast of Bay of Bengal and is also popularly known as beach city. The Rathayatra- Chariot Festival which is held during June to July is the popular one in Puri. One should not miss this festival, so plan your visit during this time if you visit Puri.
It is well known as the resting place of Lord Shiva. Puri, Konark, and Bhubaneshwar completes the golden triangle of Odisha, where the religious significance and cultural heritage makes it as the centers of tourism in the state. The other attractions in Puri include Chilika Lake, Puri beach, Gundicha ghar, the famous Sun temple of Konark are the major ones to visit. Konark Sun temple is one of the UNESCO World heritage site which is an architectural marvel with beautiful monuments of India. The annual dance festival which is held 5-day long invites unique dancing talent from all over the country. It also hosts handicrafts mela where you can find unique handicrafted pieces that reflects the Oriya art form.
3. Bhubaneshwar: It is well known as the temple city of India. Its architecture and grandeur temples makes it the famous one to visit. Bhubaneshwar is a beautiful city with historic temples like Lingaraja Temple, Parasurameswara Temple are the most visited tourist attractions in the country. Bhubaneshwar is mostly famous for its number of temples which were built centuries ago but still retain their original built over these years.
4. Cuttack: It is the cultural capital of Odisha which has impressive tourist attractions. It always hosts a variety of festivals like Baliyatra, Durga Puja and the Kite festival. It is also known as Silver city because of its famous silver work.
5.  Baripada:  It is also known as second Puri. It is famous for the car festival where only women has to pull the Rath of Maa Subadra. The famous attractions here are temples, events, Tusser fabric, Simlipal National Park, Semul or Red Silk cotton trees, etc
6. Gopalpur: It is considered as a place of relaxation as it is a Sea port. Gopalpur Sea is considered as the most beautiful beaches in India due to its remoteness, peace and its offbeat crowd. The beaches appear like sparkling gold where you can relax in the beauty of nature. Its popularity is spreading day by day because of its beaches and its beauty.
7. Chandipur:   It is famous for its beach and is considered as the nature’s wonder. Its beauty and unique specialty lies in ebb tides where they tend to disappear rhythmically. The sunrise and the sunset in this beach gives a spectacular view and provides a feast to the visitors. When the water disappears one can go for a Jeep ride towards the sea. Hence, it is popularly known as The Receding Beach.
8. Sambalpur: It is famous for its rivers, lavish hills, lush green forests, and beautiful wildlife. The main attractions include wildlife parks, Devisamaleswari Temple, Hirakud Dam-the world famous dam, Gole Bazar for shopping, etc. It has an historical importance as many of the freedom fights took place at Sambalpur.
9. Talasari Beach:  The Talasari beach is pristine, serene, and bestowed with its spectacular panaroma. These beaches have sand dunes, calm waves, palm trees, coconut trees, cashew trees, and a well arrayed lush green belt and golden sands gives you an amazing and memorable experience where you should not miss visiting this beach when you travel to Odisha.
How to reach Odisha
Odisha is a beautiful destination attracting tourists from different places with its unique culture and heritage, captivating attractions and natural beauty. If you are planning for travel to Odisha you should know that it is well connected to its neighboring states and different parts of the world through a good network by roadways, railways and by air.
By Air: Bhubaneswar is the best way to reach Odisha (Orissa) by air through the Biju Patnaik Airport that is well connected to all the major places like New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Varanasi, Raipur, etc.
By Road: You can travel by bus or cars by roadways as the National Highways and State Highways are well connected through its neighboring states and throughout the country.
By Rail: There major Railway Stations in Bhubaneshwar and Puri, are having the extensive railway network that is most convenient to travel within the state and to different parts of the country.

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Famous food of Odisha one should not miss

Odisha is equally rich when it comes to its local cuisine and it produces a large variety of vegetables. The preparation of Oriya dishes is simple and economic as compared to other regional Indian cuisines. Rice (both sun-dried and par-boiled) is the staple food of this region. Mustard oil is preferable in dishes as the cooking medium. A traditional Oriya meal, generally spicy, consists of Rice, Dal, vegetable curry, vegetable fry, leaf vegetable, khata (sour dish), chutney, pickle, along with a salad made of onion, cucumber. The majority of the people here are non-vegetarians and fish is primarily consumed as traditional cuisine. The dishes of Odisha are varied, rich and has local ingredients. Few of dishes and food varieties in Odisha include-Khicede, Chungdi Malai, Macha Ghanta, Dalma, Pakhala Bhata, Gupchup, Dahi vada-Aloo dum, Chhena Poda, Rasabali, Kanika, Pilaf, Santula, Chaatu Rai, Aloo Potala Rasa, Kadali Manja Rai, Besara, Khattas and Chutneys, Luchi, Chungdi Malai, Macher Kalia with Aloo. Sweets of Odisha include milk preparations like Rasagolla, Rasmalai, Chhenapoda, Khirmohan, Rajbhog, Rabidi, Rasabali, Chhena Jhili, Jilebi, Kalakand, Malpua, etc.

Where to stay in Odisha

While traveling to Odisha accommodation must be on the top of the priority list. Throughout the year a large population of tourists visits Odisha and one can find accommodations in Luxurious 5-start hotels as well as budget-friendly cheap and cheerful places. There are many hotels for accommodation in Odisha based on your budget. That’s all travelres about places to visit in Odisha and tour guide of Orissa.

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