Places to Visit in Mantralayam – A Tour Guide

Places to Visit in Mantralayam.
Places to Visit in Mantralayam..

Introduction: Hi friends, today we will show the places to visit in Mantralayam. Mantralayamlies in thesouthern region of India, whichis a small town located in the Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh. The town was established on the banks of the Tungabhadra river, and the town shares its border with the state of Karnataka. The town is popularly referred to as Manchale. Mantralayam is the most popular in Andhra Pradesh because of the Vrindavanawhich was built by Guru Raghvendra Swami. The Guru was a holy man,who followed the division of Madhwa saints where Sri Madhwacharya as their leader. Guru RaghvendraSwamy was popularly known as he was staying from past 340 years and was believed that he will stay for the next 360 years also as per his proclaim, that he would continue residence in the place for 700 years when he entered Vrindavana. This is the main reason why Mantralayam is considered as a holy placeamong Hindus in the country.

A step by step guide to places to visit in Mantralayam

It is located near the border of Karnataka and on the banks of the river Tungabhadra.In 17th CenturySri Guru Raghavendra Swami, entered into Samadhi alive in front of his disciples, from then Mantralayam has become famous. He was a Madhwa saint who is considered to be a reincarnation of Prahlada (A daitya king who was saved by Lord Vishnu’s Narasimha avatar).The main attraction here is the Temple and Mutt “complex.” The temple elephants and chariots carrying the deity around the temple on special occasions is a spectacular sight, while the Tungabhadra river is also worth seeing.

Best time to visit Mantralayam

Andhra Pradesh is famous for a holy site Mantralayam, which attracts a large number of tourists and devoteesat all times of the year. October to March is the ideal time where you can plan visit Mantralayam. As climate will be cold and pleasant during these months, without any rainfall and scorch heating summers. Weather conditions in Mantralayam during Winter, Summer and Monsoons are described below, where you can plan accordingly.

Mantralayam During Winter

These months makes the perfect time to explore and adventure in Mantralayamas the days will sunny and nights will be cold, which are neither too hot nor too cold, hence it is the peak season for devotees as well as tourists in Mantralayam. The temperature ranges from 11 and 37 degrees Celsius, where an average comesupto 27 degrees Celsius. Diwali is a popular festival celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm in October or November, which also draws a huge count of tourists and devotees to Mantralayam. Be sure to plan your trip with your preferences and best interests at mind. No matter whether you’re travelling solo, with friends or family, a trip to this holy city at any time of the year is bound to relax and rejuvenate you completely!.

Mantralayam During Monsoon

The first half of the monsoon season consists of sporadic to moderate rainfall, with an increase in rain in the second half of the season. The temperature usually differs between 17 and 34 degrees Celsius. The monsoon season brings relief from the scorching summer months. Rainy season makes a hindrance to tourists and devotees while travelling and sightseeing plans, due to the occurrence of sudden rainfall and thunder. In August the celebration of Aradhana at Sri RaghavendraMatha, while in September it witnesses the famous car festival.

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Mantralayam during the summer

Temperatures alters from 35 and 44 degrees Celsius during summer, with high levels of humidity. The scorching heat of Sun is unbearable for few people (who come from abroad), especially during April and May. In June, you can experience the pleasant weather conditions. This is an ideal time for a budget trip, due to the number of attractive discounts offered on hotel stays and flights. On the occasion of MahaShivratriduring March, attracts many devotees to Mantralayam. This religious festival involves worship of Lord Shiva, with offerings of milk and bael leaves. The weather in March is moderately hot.

How to travel to Mantralayam

Mantralayam is well connected to the other cities in India through roadways. Regular rail and bus services are available to and fro to the city of Mantralayam. Buses are operated by both private and government owners, such as Andhra Pradesh Road Transport Corporation. There is no direct flight to Mantralayam. Some 250 km away is the Rajiv Gandhi International airport in Hyderabad, and is the nearest airport that connects Mantralayam to the rest of places in India.

Mantralayam is located approximately 250 km from Hyderabad and it takes 10 hours by road from Bangalore which hasboth domestic and international airports connecting them to the major cities.


Mantralayam has only one railway station named as Mantralayam Road. It is well connected to the Mumbai- Chennai, Mumbai- Bangalore, Bangalore-Chennai rail routes. Many trains travelling for longerdistances, will make an unofficial hault at this station for water refilling.


KSRTC in Karnataka has its special bus namely “Vaibhav” that starts from Bangalore and holds at Mantralayam. From the railway station, buses are available to Mantralayam with a minimum fare of Rs.10 or you can also hire a cab, jeep or auto-rickshaw with costs around Rs.50 per person.

Places to visit in Mantralayam

There are very few places to visit in Mantralayam, as it is famous for only temples. The places which you should never miss to visit in Mantralayam are of following-

Sri Guru Raghavendra Swamy Temple

Mantralayam Temple.
Mantralayam Temple.

Sri GuruRaghavendraSwamy Temple in Mantralayam is one of the major tourist attractions of Andhra Pradesh. The guru is believed to be an incarnation of Bhakta Prahlada, who was an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu saved his devotee from the cruel intentions of his father by taking the form of Lord Narasimha and killing the monster father of Prahlada. Sri GuruRaghavendra Swamy chose Mantralayam to form his Vrindavana and to reside in this place for 700 years.The temple is very popular amongst the number of devotees all over India of the guru who make it a point to visit the temple every year during the time of Guru Jayanti. On the day of the Jayanti, the temple is bustling and visited by many tourists and devotees, since it is a day of celebration and thousands of devotees comeacross the country to participate in the festivities that continue for two days. It was believed by many devotees that the guru still resides at Vrindavana and according to the guru himself, he will continue living at the place for the next 361 years which was told when he entered the place Mantralaya.

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PanchamukhiAnjaneya Temple at Mantralayam

PanchamukhiAnjaneya Temple is a famous one which is about 5 km from the town of Mantralayam. The residing idol at the temple is that of Lord Anjaneya or Lord Hanuman. The idol is unique one which has five heads where each head represents a different god namely Lord Garuda, Lord Narasimha, Lord Hayagreeva, Lord Hanuman and Lord Varaha. It was believed that Sri Guru Raghavendra was andedicated to Lord Rama and Lord Hanuman in devotion where he performed a ardent penance for twelve years, and Lord Hanuman visited the guru pleased with his devotion. Hanuman visited the guru in the avatar of PanchmukhiAnjaneya, and you should never miss visiting this temple especially for the tourists travelling through the region primarily because of its scenic location. The temple was built in amidst rocky place, which is beautiful and serene terrain. In fact, on the way to the temple, travellers will come across natural formations of rocks with beautiful natural carvings that are in the shape of a bed, a pillow and a flying vehicle of the gods.

Bikshalaya in Mantralayam

Bikshalayais popularly known as Bichali in the local language and is located at a distance of 20Km from Mantralya, and is also famous as the place where Sri Appanacharya lived for the most part of his life. Sri Appanacharya was an ardent devotee as well as a student of Guru RaghavendraSwamy, where you should notethe fact that Guru RaghavendraSwamy lived at Bikshalaya with Sri Appanacharya for 13 years. Bikshalaya is located in the scenic beauty located on the banks of river Tungabhadra and the place gives you a wonderful experience with its lush greenery and a peaceful environment. Many people today come to Mantralayam to get free from the hustle and bustle of city life and especially to get peace and this place offers them a calm and peaceful ambiance to meditate and to get in touch with their inner selves.

Food availability at Mantralayam

As it is a holy place and the in and around area of temple is strictly vegetarian served and it offers good lunch and dinner for the devotees. However there are a few hotels nearby that provide good South Indian food such as idli, vada and dosa.

Stay at Mantralayam

You can stay at these budget friendly hotels which gives you a comfortable and a hassle-free stay. These include Sree Guru Sannidhi (A Budget Luxury Lodge), RaghavendraYatraSadan, SreeMukhyaprana Residency, and many more.

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