Places to Visit in Jharkhand – A Full Tour Guide

Places to Visit in Jharkhand.
Places to Visit in Jharkhand.

Introduction: Hello travelers today we explore the places to visit in Jharkhand. Jharkhand is one of the best places to visit in India for getting a new experience. The towering mountains, dense forests, and the beautiful waterfalls, scenic landscapes make it a famous place to visit in India.

A step by step guide to places to visit in Jharkhand

Jharkhand is famously known as the land of forests. It is rich in flora and fauna. Ranchi Hills, Daasam falls, Sun temple, BaidynathDham are the major tourist attractions in Jharkhand. The wildlife reserves are scattered around the state which gives you a picturesque sight view. Formerly, Jharkhand was a place in Bihar but it carved out as a separate state about two decades ago creating a glorious history with diverse culture and simplicity the state has grown in all aspects and owns its fame. You can explore many things and learn about the diverse culture and lifestyles of tribal communities living there. This blog provides you the complete information about the places to visitthe best time to visit, stay, and things to do, etc.

Best time to visit Jharkhand

Winter season is the best time to visit Jharkhand. The duration includes October to March where the weather will be cool and pleasant making it favorable for exploring tourist attractions in Jharkhand. The temperature in Jharkhand varies from 5-30°C during these months.

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Best Time To Visit Jharkhand.
Best Time To Visit Jharkhand.

Best places to visit

Cultural tourism, waterfalls, dams, eco-tourism, heritage walks, sightseeing tour, religious tour, rural tourism, adventure, fairs, and festivals make Jharkhand as the best tourist destination to visit in India. It is blessed with awestruck beauties like hills, mountains, forests and, waterfalls makes it a perfect holiday destination especially for nature lovers. The popular tourist attractions in Jharkhand include the following, where you can get the best holiday experience of your life.

  1. Ranchi: It is the best place to visit in Jharkhand which offers a divine view of the best waterfalls in India. It is the capital city of Jharkhand. It is famously referred to as the city of waterfalls. Ranchi is rich in mineral sources and hence the name ‘Manchester of the East’ is given. Ranchi offers the best tourist attractions which cherish travelers. The popular places to visit in Ranchi are- Hundru Falls, Falls, Jonha Falls, PanchGagh Falls, Birsa Zoological Park, Ranchi Lake, Kanke Dam, Jagannath Temple, Nakshatra Van, Sun Temple, PahariMandir, Rock Garden, Deer Park.
  2. Jamshedpur: It is the largest city in Jharkhand. It is the home for the first steel company-‘Tata Steel’ and hence it is known as the steel city of India. It mesmerizes nature lovers with its natural beauty. It was founded by JamsedjiNusserwanji Tata-the great industrialist and founder of Tata Group. The city is surrounded by rich greenery and offers plenty of delightful tourist attractions to spend a spell-bounding holiday experience. The famous tourist spots to visit in Jamshedpur include- Dalma Hills, Jubilee Park, Jubilee Lake, JayantiSarovar, Tata Steel Zoological Park, Tribal Culture Centre, Hudco Lake, Bhuvneshwari Temple.
  3. Hazaribagh: It largely contributes to wildlife tourism in Jharkhand. It is abundantly rich in greenery, hills, flora and fauna, temples, and waterfalls which makes lovely weather for tourists who visit Hazaribagh in Jharkhand. The famous tourist attractions in Hazaribagh are- Canary Hill, Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary, Hazaribagh National Park, Isko Village, Suryakund, Rajarappa temple, Urwan Tourist Complex, Konar Dam.
  4. Deogarh: It is one of the best tourist places to visit in Jharkhand. It offers complete religious tourism with many temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is also abundantly filled with natural beauty and tranquil surroundings which renders the tourists with a spellbound experience. Deogarh promises a divine sojourn to visitors who is in search of peace and serenity. The important places of worship and most popular tourist attractions in Deogarh are- Basukinath, Trikuta Hills, Satsanga Ashram, HarilaJori, Shivganga, RikhiaYogashram, Jaisar Children’s Park, NandanPahar, Kathikund, Kundeshwari, Ajgaibinath, HathiPahar.
  5. Giridih: In olden days, it is a part of Hazaribagh but it became a separate city in 1972. It is well-known for its mining towns and verdant hills. The hills are covered with lush green forests where you can find the major plantations of sal tree, bamboo, semal, mahua, and palash. Due to the presence of many hills, it is famously known as the land of hills. The place is famous for the presence of several Jain temples and buildings which make it name as the Land of Jain Pilgrims. The major tourist destination in Giridih includes- Parashnath Hills, Usri Fall, Khandoli Park and Dam, Madhuvan, JharkhandiDham, HariharDham, Langta Baba Samadhi Sthal, Surya Temple, Devari Temple.
  6. Sahibganj: It is not so popular destination but it offers lovely places to visit which are mostly preferred by families, children, and couples. It offers trekking, sightseeing, photography and hiking with pleasant and lovely weather conditions. Due to its picturesque sites, it makes an ideal destination for the tourists to visit from distant parts of the world. The famous tourist attractions to explore in Sahibganj are Mary’s Church, Rajmahal, Mangalhat, Moti waterfall, Shivgadi Temple, BhagwaKuan, Shukravasini Temple, Teliagarhi Fort, Binduvasini Temple, Raksisthan Temple.
  7. Dhanbad: It is known as the coal capital of India and is one of the fastest-growing cities. It is surrounded by picturesque valleys and lush green forests. It also has many temples to visit where the idols of Goddess Durga, Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha, and Nandi are placed. It enlightens the holiday experience of tourists who visit Dhanbad.
  8. Bokaro: It is the top destination in Jharkhand and is well-known for its metropolitan lifestyle. It offers many attractions to the tourists and is a favorite destination for many travelers, nature lovers, and devotees. The city has exquisite tourist spots to visit which include the following- Bokaro Steel City, Garga Dam, Jawaharlal Nehru Biological Park, City Park, BokaroIspatPustakalaya, Jagannath Temple, GayatriMandir, ChasKaliMandir, Siwandih, Noori Masjid, AaiyappaMandir.
  9. Netarhat: It is the most beautiful hill station in Jharkhand and famously known as the queen of Chota Nagpur. The scenic landscapes surrounded by lush green forests make you feel like heaven when visiting Netarhat. You can plan your leisure holidays in this place and stay away from these big bustle metropolitan cities. The weather is cool and comfortable where tourists love to stay for more than one day or more over here especially during the summer season. The must place to see in Netarhat are Netarhat Hills, Koel View Point, Sadni Falls, Magnolia Sunset Point, Upper Ghaghri Falls, Lower Ghaghri Falls.
  10. Palamu: It houses a wildlife sanctuary and a National park that offers a picturesque destination for tourists. Palamu is the major tourist attraction for the nature lover, trekkers and wildlife lovers where they can explore many luxuriant surroundings. The major places to visit and explore in Palamu are Wildlife Sanctuary, Betla National Park, River Koel, Palamu Fort, Upper Ghaghri Waterfalls, Lower Ghaghri Water Falls, and Lodh Falls.

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Stay in Jharkhand

Jharkhand has many industrialized cities with well-versed hotels that offer warm hospitality to the tourists. They provide warm and cozy comfortable rooms and accommodation. The accommodation is available from luxury to mid-range and budget hotels where you can opt based on your budget. The accommodations in Jharkhand can be seen in places like Jamshedpur, Ranchi, Bokaro, and Dhanbad, Sindri, Giridih, Gumla, Deogarh, Daltongang, and Hazaribagh. You can book your stay based on your visit from online by viewing the reviews and photographs.

Famous food in Jharkhand

Jharkhand’s cuisines are simpler but sustain a rich variety of preparations with natural ingredients and elements which makes the food lighter and healthier. Rice, Roti, Dal, Tarkari and sweet forms the staple food in Jharkhand. The state gives equal care to the needs of both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Handia, Bamboo shoots, MeethaKaja, Thekua, Litti, Dhuska, arsa roti, etc are the items that are available as Jharkhand’s cuisine and are well known.

How to reach Jharkhand

Jharkhand is well connected by road, railways, and airways. The following information depicts how to reach Jharkhand by different means of transport-

Airways: The airways are not very well developed in Jharkhand. There are four domestic airports for few flights which are connected with Mumbai via Delhi and within the state.

Roadways: Good network of road connects within the state and with other states of India. It is situated at the junction of NH 23 and NH 3. Private buses run within the state and also neighboring states like Bihar and West Bengal. Bokaro, Ranchi, Dhanbad, Jamshedpur are well connected through neighboring states and major cities in India.

Railways:  Direct trains are available from Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, and Patna. Trains from Mumbai pass through Jamshedpur which is 140 Km from Ranchi. Bokaro, Ranchi, Dhanbad, Tata, Gomo are the main railway stations in Jharkhand.

That’s all folks about places to visit in Jharkhand state of India. For travel rewards, offers and deals you can consider the Best Travel Credit Cards.


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