Places to Visit in Bihar – A Full Bihar Tour Guide

Places to Visit in Bihar.
Places to Visit in Bihar.

Introduction: Hello Travelers today we are here with a great information of places to visit in Bihar. Bihar is the only state in India, popular as the largest mineral producing region and contributes majorly to National wealth. It is situated in the eastern part of India and has borders from Nepal, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Odisha. The state is divided into three regions namely, the north Gangetic plains, Central Bihar, and South Bihar plateau.

A step by step guide to places to visit in Bihar

Bihar is the best place for the people who are want to explore wildlife sanctuaries, natural beauty, pilgrimages, tribal culture, life in the rural parts of India, peace, and the past glories. It is also the state that gave two important religions – Buddhism and Jainism to the world. Bihar has the blend of religion, spirituality, history, and education which makes the state one of its kind. The importance of Bihar in spirituality comes solely for it is the place where the Buddha once lived and attained Nirvana. The state is visited not only just by Buddhists but also by Jains and Hindus. Thus, Bihar is truly one of the major tourist destinations in India.

Brief History

The history of Bihar is believed to have roots back in our past. Bihar was previously a part of the Bengal presidency until 1911, later in 1936, Bihar was made an independent state. Vaishali in northern Bihar is the most ancient and credited as the world’s first republic and well known as the birthplace Lord Mahavira. Bihar also played an important role through the place, Buxar- where the final battle for supremacy in north India was fought between the East India Company and the combined forces of the Mughals, and Nawabs of Bengal and Awadh in 1764. It is also believed that Goddess Sita, the wife of Lord Ram, was born in Mithila to King Janak, the ruler of the region. What are we waiting for? let us explore the places to visit in Bihar.

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Bihar Tour Guide.
Bihar Tour Guide.

Best time to visit Bihar

The ideal time to visit Bihar to have a fun-filled holiday is during the winter, which is in specific from November to February. During the winter season, the temperature ranges between 8°C to 10°C which is the perfect, pleasant and cool period to enjoy the sightseeing in the Bihar region. The weather remains extremely hot during summer and visitors must avoid this season. Bihar experiences a moderate amount of rainfall, though not the best time but those who love rains can visit Bihar from June to September as this is the monsoon time in Bihar.

Famous Food in Bihar

Bihar is also popular for the snack items and for the plethora of delicacies that feature in its cuisine. The dishes here are very much tasty and for a foodie soul, the state offers a variety of street food which will activate the taste buds and ready-made food available for quick consumption. Here is a list of supremely delicious Bihari food dishes, which one must try are- LittiChokha, Batatapuri, Chana Ghugni, Khaja, Mutton kebabs, Kadhai Chicken, Malpua, Lababdar Rolls, Dahijalebi,Laung-latika,Balushahi, Sattu, Kulcha Burger, Chicken korma, Bhelpuri, Shikanji, Dal Peetha, Khurma, Tilkut, Til-Laddu, Thekua, Mutton curry, Makhana-Kheer, Choora-Badam, Naivedyam, Chandrakala/ Pedakiya, KadhiBadi,Rasia, ParwalkiMithai, GurAnarsa, Laai, PuriSabzi, and many more.

How to reach Bihar

Travelers from across the world visit Bihar for it is the religious center for Jains, Hindus and Buddhists, the rich cultural heritage and the abundance of natural scenic beauties. Since Bihar is well-connected to major regions of the country and the world via air, rail, and road it is very easy to reach Bihar for vacation.

Airways: Bihar is well-connected to major cities of India and the world via air. The two important airports of Bihar are Jayprakash Narayan Airport (Patna) and Bodhgaya Airport (Gaya). Regular flights operate between Bihar and other metropolitan cities of the country. Once you reach the airport, taxis and buses are readily available from the airport to reach a specific destinations within the state.

Roadways: Due to the well-connected wide network of National Highways and State Highways, the major states have travelers to Bihar through roadways. Bihar is connected to areas within and outside the state via these highways. State and private buses, taxis, and autos are popular modes of transport in Bihar.

Railways: Bihar is having an excellent network of railways that connects it to other places in India and also within the state the rail connectivity is awesome. The main rail junctions in Bihar are Patna, Gaya, and Bhagalpur.

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Famous tourist attractions in Bihar

  1. Gaya:  Gaya is the most famous tourist place in Bihar. It is famously known as the hub of Hindu pilgrimage and is the center of Bodhgaya. Gaya is situated on the bank of river Phalgu. It is believed that Buddha attained enlightenment under the tree at this place Gaya, Hence the name Bodhgaya. The other tourist attractions include Bodhgaya, Mahabodhi Temple, Vishnupad Temple, MaglaGauri Shrine, Dungeshwari Cave Temples, Barabar Caves, Bodhi Tree, Chinese Temple and Monastery, Bodhgaya Archaeological Museum, Muchalinda Lake, Thai Temple and Monastery, Royal Bhutan Monastery.
  2. Nalanda: Nalanda is an important site in Bihar. It is the oldest University in India. The fame of this education center is due to Hieun Tsang. The places to explore in Nalanda are Nalanda Archaeological Museum, Xuanzang Memorial Hall, Nalanda Multimedia Museum, Silao, SurajpurBaragaon, Rajgir Dance Festival (in October).
  3. Munger: It is the popular tourist destination in Bihar. It is a twin city which comprises of Munger and Jamalpur. The major tourist attractions inMunger include- Sri Krishna Vatika, ChandikaAstahan, KastaharniGhat, Pir Shah Nafah Shrine, SitaKund, Manpatthar, Ucheswarnath, Gurudwara at Piparpanti, GoenkaShivalaya, Baptist Mission, Pirpahar, Bhimbandh, Kharagpur Lake, Malnipahar, Maruk, Safiabad-Mirza, Mullah Mohammad Syed Grave, Dilwarpur, Haha Punch Kumari, RameshwarKund, Rishikund, Munger Fort, SitlaMandir, BadiDurgaMaa Temple, Jai Prakash Udyan, Kali Pahadi.
  4. Vaishali: Vaishali is well known for its archeological importance. It was a prosperous Kingdom during the time of Buddha. Ashoka pillar is the most beautiful and adds the historic charm to Vaishali. The major tourist attractions in Vaishali are Relic Stupa, KutagarasalaVihara, Coronation Tank, World Peace Pagoda, Archaeological Survey of India Museum, BawanPokhar Temple, Kundalpur, Raja Vishal kaGarh, ChoumukhiMahadeva.
  5. Patna: It is situated on the southern bank of the river Ganga. It is the largest city of Bihar. It is believed that Patna is the oldest city in the world. Patna is well-known for its pilgrimages as it is the birthplace of last Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh. It is a well-developed city and matchups with the modernization. The important tourist attractions in Patna are Kumhrar, Agam, Kuan, DidarganjYakshi, Takht Sri Patna Sahib, GurdwaraPahila Bara, GurdwaraGobindGhat, Gurdwara Guru kaBagh, Gurdwara Bal Leela, GurdwaraHandi Sahib, Padri Ki Haveli, Golghar, Buddha Smriti Park, Patna Museum, Qila House.
  6. Navlakha Palace: It is situated in Rajnagar near Madhubani in Bihar. The palace suffered extensive destruction during a severe earthquake in 1934. It was renovated and thus the palace remains in ruins now. The Royal palace retains its architectural brilliance even though it has been damaged. The palace is comprised of gardens, ponds, and temples which is well appreciated.
  7. Hieun Tsang Memorial Hall: This is the built-in memory of the famous Chinese traveler Hieun Tsang. This memorial hall is the reflection of the artistic and academic grandeur of Nalanda University.
  8. Jalmandir: It is situated in Pawapuri, Bihar. It has importance as a Jain pilgrimage. It is a popular destination for Jain devotees as it is believed that Lord Mahavira breathed his last in 500 BCE. A white marble temple was constructed on the remains of Mahavira which is the famous Jain pilgrimage in Bihar.
  9. Griddhakuta Peak: It is famously referred to as Vulture Peak situated in Rajgir, Bihar. It is called so because of its shape and frequent visit of vultures. It also holds its importance in history of Bihar as it is a spot where Lord Buddha preached the lotus sutra to convert Mauryan King Bimbisara. There are two caves, where it enhances the thrill as you need to reach there by a chair lift.
  10. Vishwa Shanti Stupa: It is well-known for World Peace Pagoda. This stupa has historic importance in Rajgir. It is one of the seven peace Pagoda built in India. This Peace Pagoda is the finest example of Japanese architecture in India. It reflects four important phases of Buddha’s Life- Birth, Enlightenment, Preaching, and Death.
  11. Sher Shah Suri Tomb: It was built in the memory of Sher Shah Suri. It is an excellent example of Indo-Islamic architecture in India. It is situated in the middle of the lake and is made up of sandstone. It is a worthy place to visit in Bihar.
  12. Vikramshila Ruins: It was established by the king Dharmapaala. It is one of the two important Buddhist learning centers in Bihar. Buddhist monasteries, stupas, and war Kargil gain its importance by the tourists.
  13. Janki Temple: Janki Temple is situated in the Sitamarhi, Bihar. It is the birthplace of Sita-the consort of Lord Rama. The temple also has a pond known as Janaki Kund which is a place of interest for the devotees as well as tourists.
  14. Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary: It is the largest freshwater lake. You can find around 60 species of migratory birds around this lake. It is home to many birds- both domestic and migratory and hence gained its importance as a tourist destination in Bihar. 
  15. Kesaria Stupa: It is the tallest and the largest stupa of Buddha in India. It is the major tourist attraction in Bihar. It has a height of 104 ft. and hence it gains its importance as a top tourist destination in Bihar.
  16. Barabar Caves: It is the oldest rock-cut caves in India. It is one of the best places to visit in Bihar. Many traces of Buddhist and Jain art can be found in this place. Barabar Hills consists of four caves, whereas the Nagarjuni Hills has three caves.
  17. Thai Monastery: It is an incredible treasure chest of India. It was established in 1957 with the help of Thailand’s Government and Indian Buddhist monks. It is made of Thailand style architecture which reflects the culture and tradition of Thailand. It is situated in Bodhgaya.
  18. Buxar Fort: It resembles the glorious past of Bihar. It gains its importance because of the architectural brilliance and carvings on the wall.

Places to stay in Bihar

Bihar has numerous places to stay that offer warm hospitality to the people who visit Bihar. You can find all kinds of accommodation options right from luxury to mid-range and budget hotels. You can find hotels in Patna, Bodhgaya, Rajgir, Bokaro and Jamshedpur which provides cozy and comfortable accommodation along with food and associated services. The accommodations in Bihar are the traditional elegance of Bihar which attracts tourists from all over the world to spend their holidays. That’s all folks about places to visit in Bihar. If you are looking for travel offers, deals and disconts with credit cards, you can check the Best Travel Credit Cards.


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