Places to Visit in Assam – A Full Tour Guide

Places to Visit in Assam.
Places to Visit in Assam.

Introduction: Hello travelers, we are here with a great tour guide of Assam, where you can find the best places to visit in Assam, top tourist destinations in Assam and other travel infromation. Assam is located in North-eastern India, shares international borders with both Bangladesh and Bhutan, is the home for incredible cultural heritage and magnificent landscapes, Soothing beauty, offbeat attractions, spiritual ambiance, the sacred river, humble people, and zealous culture. What are we waiting for let us jump into places to visit in Assam state of India.

Places to visit in Assam – A complete travel guide

This diverse state is popular for visitors because of the breath-taking landscapes and is well-known to be one of the top biodiversity hotspots in the entire world. It is famous for its vibrant culture and scenic beauty, as well as its historical significance. It is rich in flora and fauna and seems as if it is carpeted by plantations. People get mesmerized for the majestic Brahmaputra river, magnificent hills,national parks abounding in rhinoceroses, elephants, deer and primates, flavoured cuisine, manicured tea estates, golden-green panorama of rice fields, blue mountains of Arunachal Pradesh in the north and highlands of Meghalaya and Nagaland to the south makes Assam as one of the travel destinations in India.

Best time to visit Assam

Assam can be visited all the yearlong but the best time to visit Assam is from October to April. Assam records high rainfall and humidity during Monsoon and the unbearable scorching heat of summer unpleasant to enjoy the beauty of Assam. So period during October to April, when the weather is pleasant with sunny days and cool nights you will note the perfect time to explore the attractions in Assam.

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Assam Tour Guide.
Assam Tour Guide.

How to reach Assam

Assam is well connected by all means of transport be it airways, railways or roadways. So, it is very convenient for the travellers to reach Assam.
Airways in Assam:
Guwahati’s LokapriyaGopinathBordoloi International Airport is the nearest airport and Dibrugarh Airport are the major airports in Assam. LokpriyaGopinathBordoloi International Airport is well-connected with all the major cities in India like Bangalore, Delhi, Imphal, Kolkata, Lilabari, Tezpur, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Agartala, Bangalore, Chennai, Dibrugarh, Goa, Mumbai, etc and Dibrugarh airport connect places like well connected with destinations like Dimapur, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Delhi, and Guwahati.

Railways in Assam: Assam is having around 259 railway stations that are well-connected within the states and other leading metropolitan and other major destinations in India. In Assam, Guwahati has the main Guwahati Railway Station that is well connected to all major Indian cities via broad rail network, so one of the most inexpensive ways to travel to Assam is by rail.

Roadways in Assam: In Assam, The road network is quite good and several national highways pass through the state. Even government-owned state transport and private buses run regularly to adjoining cities and towns. A person can take a bus to Guwahati which is a major hub and then take a connecting bus from there. Travellers can avail different categories of buses as per they choice. Several major national highways meet at Guwahati so one can easily drive from Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, West Bengal and Nagaland.

Famous food in Assam

Northeast India is a melting pot of cultures and cuisines especially Assam is famous for its distinct flavouring and influences as it has acquired the cuisines from neighbouring states and countries, and has developed some unique foods that you rarely find anywhere else in India. the flavours from the famous cuisines of Tibetan, Burmese, and even Bangladeshi could be seen all over Assam, and even some very interesting indigenous recipes. Have the list of few famous and delicious dishes of Assam and that are available in authentic Assamese restaurant-Khaar, Duck meat curry, MaasorTenga, AlooPitika, Xaakarubhaji, OuKhatta, ParoManxho, Silkworm, BaanhgajorLagotKukura, Thukpa, Chowmein,Egg Masala, Tomato Chutney, Cabbage Kofta, Pumpkin Oatmeal, PooraHaah, Assam Laska, Fish Fried Rice, Bamboo Shoot Fry,   Sweet dishes like Pitha, GoororPayas, KomolarKheer, NarikolPitha, NarikolorLaru, KomolarKheer, Rice Payas, snacks like Momos, JhalMuri, Luchi, and the Assam Tea.

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Famous attractions in Assam

Assam is one of the largest states with expanded green tea farms, river valleys, cultural traditions, an abundance of sericulture, soothing water bodies, plenty of wildlife, adventure activities, bird watching, and many others make this place as top tourist destinations of India. The best tourist places in Assam which one has to visit include the following:

  1. Kaziranga National Park: It is the home for the largest population of one-horned Rhino on earth. Kaziranga National park is the National treasure of flora and fauna. It is also awarded as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It receives a massive amount of rainfall each year. It is rich in vegetation and covers all the flora and fauna in it. It is a tropical forest with broadleaf trees. It has a wide variety of fauna which includes- One-horned Rhino, Asiatic Elephant, wild water buffalo, leopards, and Royal Bengal tigers. It is also officially declared as a home to the Tiger Reserve as it has the World’s largest population of Tigers. Different types of birds such as black-nested stork, the lesser white-fronted goose, ferruginous duck and Baer’s pochard duck to name a few. Other notable bird families that can be seen here include the great Indian hornbill and wreathed hornbill among many others. Safaris are available during day and night but night only during tourist season. Elephant rides are also very popular. Hiking is prohibited to avoid causalities.
  2. Assam State Zoo cum Botanical Garden: It is situated in the city of Guwahati, within the Hengrabari Reserve forest. This is a top tourist place in Assam, where one can spend more time in green zones with 900 types of animals, birds, and reptiles. This zoo is also a home for many exotic species like Chimpanzees, white Rhinos, black Rhinos, Zebras, Ostriches, Giraffes from Africa, Puma, Jaguar, Llama from South America, Kangaroos from Australia, etc.
  3. Kamakhya Temple: It is built in the 10th century and is located 7 Km from the city of Guwahati. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Kamakhya and is considered as one of the prominent Shaktipeeth of the country. Ambubachi festival in June every year where many of the people get together in this festival from all the parts of the world. This temple is surrounded by lush green zones.
  4. Umananda Island: This Island is a religious one which is also named as Peacock Island by the British. It has gained popularity because of the presence of river Brahmaputra on its either side. It is famously known as the smallest islands of the world and consists of Umananda temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.
  5. Siva Sagar:  It is the bright tourist place in Assam. The old city peaks of Royal glory with Lord Shiva, Vishnu, DurgaMaa temples make it a prominent place to visit. The amazing places include-Rang Ghar, TalatalGhar, Museums with artifacts, vestments, swords, manuscripts, goblets, and household utensils from the time of Ahoms.
  6. Majuli Island: Majuli is a unique place of Assam to visit. MazuliIsand is famous for pottery making, Ali Aye festival in February makes it as the famous place to visit. The winter sunset and the colorful birds with their beauty mesmerise the visitors traveling Assam.
  7. Hajo: It is an ancient pilgrimage center situated 24 Km North West from Guwahati. It is a distinct place to visit in Assam as it is the blend of three religions Hindu, Buddhist, and Muslim. You can observe the grand entrance to Hayagreevamadhavamandir at one side and a tall white-green building HajoPowa Mecca, the Muslim sacred pilgrimage on the other side and the Buddhist Nirvana at the center in the waters of Brahmaputra makes it an attractive place to visit in Assam.
  8. Kakochang Waterfalls: This waterfall gives you awestruck beauty when you visit there. The clear waters falling from the top of the hill and accumulating in the natural pond gives you a natural view with an awesome experience. This tourist spot should not be missed as it is one of the best places in Assam. It is situated towards the east from Kaziranga National Park which is a half an hour’s drive by road.
  9. Tocklai Tea Research Centre: Assam is famous for tea estates. The various scientific research process of tea making takes place at this center. You can experience a peaceful environment here especially in tea gardens, museum, and restaurants. You must not leave Assam without tasting the tea here.
  10. Guwahati: Guwahati is well organized and encompasses many spiritual temples, natural sights to gaze, wildlife areas nearby, lakes, river Brahmaputra makes it the must place to visit in Assam. The places to visit in Guwahati are DiporBil, Pobitora wildlife sanctuary, Assam state zoo, and Assam state museum to stop by. The list continues for adventure seekers too who seek activities like parasailing, bungee jumping, paragliding, trekking, boating, etc. So, whether your soul wants you to be a spiritual, thrill-seeker or a stargazer, Guwahati always welcomes its tourists with grace and cultural greeting.
  11. Haflong Lake: It is a scenic Beauty Lake with greenery and sun on the top makes you so exciting to visit this place. The hanging bridge above the lake is an extra addition fort its beauty. It is a perfectly picturesque place for a family outing, romantic walk, boat rides, etc.
  12. Tezpur: It is the city that edges the river Brahmaputra and is a neighbor of Guwahati. It is a place for history with mythology and Bamuni hills. Places like Bhairabi Temple, Hanuman Mandir, Mahabhairav temple, Cole Park, Padampukhuri, Rudra Path and many more make this place best places to visit in Assam. PadumPukhuri is one of the lake that is nearby to the city of Tezpur and is bliss to the city with its freshwater and floating vegetation. This place soothes your heart and mind when you pass through the water body that surrounds green with blue sky makes your trip an enchanting one.         
  13. North Cachar Hills: It is located in DimaHasao district of Assam. The place inhabits like minor and major tribes like Dimasakachauris, ZemeNagas, The Hmars, and The Kukis. Enjoying a long walk, watching the birds with a cup of tea makes you that you are on a different planet. It is considered as the ‘Scotland of Assam’.
  14. DiporBil: It is located 13 Km South West from Guwahati. It is the perfect place to watch beautiful birds basking in the sun and swinging on the tunes of the lake ripples. The surface of the lake is spread with flora like Waterlily, water hyacinth, aquatic grass which adds extra grace to the blue clean waters. A boat ride can make you feel like an enchanting place where you can notice Storks, Ducks, Kingfishers, and Pelicans enjoying in the glory of the climate and making it an attraction for thousands.
  15. Dibrugarh: It is situated in the northeast corner of the state Assam. Dibrugarh attracts many tourists because of its charm and the banks of the river Brahmaputra. The region has amazing wildlife sanctuaries and forests including Jokai Botanical Garden cum Germplasm Center, Jeypore Rainforest, DehingPatkai Wildlife Sanctuaries. It also hosts the grand temple of Radha Krishna and a Buddhist vihara. Not only this, Vaishnavite culture speaks boldly in this region with monasteries or ‘satras’ like DehingNamti, Dinjoy, Grapara, Dehing, etc. A blend of culture, religious and wildlife for which Assam is happy to welcome people, is seen in Dibrugarh as well.
  16. Jorhat: It is a dense urban zone of Assam. It is located on the eastern side of Guwahati. Jorhat Airport is an easy connectivity with the other regions of the world. The Sivasagar ancient city and the Ahom dynasty are the prominent features in Jorhat. It is spread with well-versed accommodations, hotels, and guest houses. You can enjoy the Ferry boat rides in the Jorhat city. The city is a host of temples, museums, ponds, wonderful extensions from all sides makes it an important tourist place in Assam.
  17. Digboi: It is the first place of an oil well in the whole of Asia it follows the British legacy of the refinery with its well-developed infrastructure. The cool and calm climate of Digboi promotes tourism with many guest houses and accommodations. You can find an ample amount of Assamese culture and heritage. It is the best place to explore nature. The major attractions include the War cemetery and Golf course with more than 18 holes.

Places to stay in Assam

Assam is well-developed tourist spot where it has excellent widespread accommodation for stay. It has all the types of accommodations-3 star, 4-star, 5-star based on your budget. You can also find the traveler reviews and photographs of the hotel accommodations online. It also has guest houses as many people opt for it where you feel like a homestay. The hospitality of Assam people is praiseworthy. You can check out the best accommodations in Assamfrom luxury to a budget hotel online and book them well before your trip in advance for hassle-free accommodation and pleasant stay. That’s all folks about the places to visit in Assam state of India. For travel rewards, offers you can check the Best Travel Credit Cards.


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