Delhi Travel Tips for First Time Visitors – A Full Guide

Delhi Travel Tips.
Delhi Travel Tips.

Introduction: Hello travelers today we are going to discuss Delhi travel tips and ideas for safe visiting. Delhi has many places to visit and a detailed travel guide is elaborated under the travel destination category. This post contains all the Delhi travel tips and should be read before you visit the city.

A guide to Delhi Travel Tips for first time visitors

The ideal time to visit New Delhi

The best time to visit Delhi is from mid- October to mid- March where it witnesses moderately pleasant weather. The temperature during this time ranges from 5°C – 25°C. Delhi is best in February, March, October, and November as the city looks beautiful during these months.

Language in Delhi 

You will not face any language problem in most places in Delhi. Hindi is the common language in Delhi but most of the local people speak good English. People in Delhi can understand the basic English words like yes or no, excuse me, sorry, etc. If you don’t know Hindi, it would be better if you know to learn a few phrases which will be an added advantage. These phrases include Bhaiyya, Didi, Kitnekahai?, Dhanyavad, Thanda, Garam, Kahan Jana Hai, Aapkaisehai, Kitna door hai, Kabpahuchenge, Kal Jana Hai, AbhirukJao, Kahamiltahai, KaiseJaoge, Tum kaharehte ho, etc.

Dress code

Dress yourself appropriately to avoid getting stared looks, targeted for theft, etc. Respect the other’s culture, religion, and other women. Women need to dress up so well that their legs, shoulders should be covered to avoid further complexities and rather not attract them to unwanted attractions.

Safety Measures for Ladies 

It doesn’t matter how hot it is, you need to look casually, do not make yourself known to others that you are a tourist. If you maintain a proper dress code then only you will be allowed to Mosques or temples etc. You need to remember the most important point that you should not look so flashy or touristy so that people don’t try to overcharge or sell you the stuff. Carry a pepper spray along with you. Use Google maps when you travel and share the location to your near and dear ones for safety. If an emergency call to 100 or make a note of the nearby police station number.

Secure your valuable things 

Keep your bag, mobile, etc. to safeguard from thefts.

Bargain prices for taxis and rickshaws 

In New Delhi taxis and rickshaws always try to overcharge you. So better you try to know the approx. charges by asking the local people like the hotel reception or bellboy. It is always recommended to choose public transport like buses, metro for longer distances. Uber service is also available in New Delhi for a fixed price which gives you hassle-free and without the need for bargaining.

Do not follow any driver recommendation

This is one of the important Delhi travel tips. The drivers in Delhi are super smart and they speak very nice and recommend you few places for shopping. Do not follow his instructions as they get an additional commission from those shops. They also make a few additional stops saying nice words and few talks so that the taxi or rickshaw will be spent with extra time and hence they charge extra money. Beware of all these kinds of stuff and be proactive.

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Opting a taxi during night time 

During night time you need to take your own safety measures. Do not spend much time outside during the night. You better safeguard yourself by returning to your hotel or stay before 8:00 pm. If by mistake you are stuck in the road due to an emergency Uber service is available for 24 hours which is quite good news.

Stay at New Delhi 

It is better to opt for a place central to everything in New Delhi. The Connaught Place is the safest part of New Delhi where you can stay in and few hotels in this place are very nearby to popular markets where you can go by walk or you can take a short Uber ride.

Make sure you carry only cash 

You need to understand the prices in New Delhi and bargain according to it. If you are from other countries then make sure that you carry a useful travel planning sheet with you. People from abroad should check the conversion prices and then pay accordingly. Bargain them as much as you can as every shopkeeper will try to overcharge you. Always carry cash with you as only a few of the shops will accept credit cards, and debit cards. Nowadays, few of them are accepting G-pay, Phonepe, PayTm. Maintain enough change with you if not they will loot you saying that there is no change.

Drinking water in New Delhi 

Do not drink the regular water or tap water in New Delhi as it might get you sick better you carry your own mineral water that is available from many stores. Please ensure the water bottle should be sealed one before purchasing it.

Food Intake in Delhi 

You can taste different types of food in Delhi and keep your stomach happy. The best food chosen by many of the people is garlic naan with paneer butter masala. Lassi is the famous drink in Delhi and the probiotics in it help to balance the spice in it. It is better to have lassi after every meal. You can also try street food.

Streetfood in Delhi.
Streetfood in Delhi.

Portable Wi-Fi hotspot 

It is advised to carry a portable Wi-Fi hotspot to book the cabs or to verify the routes which you travel or to calculate the distance for the place which you plan for, etc. You can also recharge your sim card if the internet data exhaust.

List out the popular sightseeing spots in Delhi 

It is better to prepare a list of sightseeing places to visit in Delhi and try to get those places as early as possible to avoid further complexities.

Medicines to carry with you 

It is better to carry medicines like diarrhea medicine, paracetamol, anti-allergic medicines, antacids, eye/ear drops and masks to protect from pollution, cough syrups, etc.

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Essentials need to be carried 

Toilet paper, scissors, sanitary pads (especially for ladies), Pepper sprays, mosquito repellants, body soap, matchbox, sanitizers, torches, batteries, power banks, Pee safe toilet seat sanitizer, tissue papers, wet wipes, first aid kit, bug spray, carry your own blankets to avoid allergic reactions, it better to carry the warm clothes if you visit Delhi in winter.

Scams in Delhi 

It is better to opt for the prepaid taxi booths in Airports, Railway stations, etc. There will be many touts that will harass you to go to the hotel or the recommended places which will make you disturb. Don’t ever give scope for them you just avoid them by saying, ‘ NaiJaanahai’. It is better to opt Uber taxi for a safe journey. You can even book the accommodation before your trip online that would be a better option for you.

Useful apps 

Useful Apps.
Useful Apps.

Install Google maps to know the routes and the distance to your destinations. Uber app, Ola app are the major travel aiding apps in the city. You can also go through the hash tag in Instagramlike – #Delhigram, #SoDelhi, #DelhiDiaries where you can find the most visited places, popular food items, etc.

Tips for Solo Women Travelers 

Solo Women travelers should not walk alone during nights and it is best to dress sensibly without making yourself flashy. Try to blend with the locals and neighbors and act accordingly. Make yourself comfortable and sensible with your dressing style to avoid unnecessary attention and inviting troubles. It is strongly recommended to carry a pepper spray bottle to make you safe from strangers.

Emergency numbers to be noted 

It is better to note down the emergency numbers like 100 for police, 101 fort fire department, and 102 for an ambulance. It is better to share your location through WhatsApp if you are stuck outside in late nights as a safety measure. Even though you opt for Uber or Ola cab service it is better to share your trip status or details to your family members or friends as a precaution. If you opt for private rickshaw or taxi it is better to take a photo of the number plate and share it with your family or friends.

Make you prepared for each and every measure doesn’t neglect anything thinking that those are silly. You can carry a camera around to capture the pictures which make you the memorable one. Shopping options in Delhi will attract you with plenty of options. Don’t ever rush to purchase any item immediately after you see. It is recommended to take a walk around the market and also note the prices in each store and then start bargaining and buying them. You must be proactive and must be skillful in bargaining the items which help you to save the money. The popular markets in Delhi are Sarojini Nagar, Janpath, GK M Block market, ChandiniChowk are the major ones where you can bargain as much as you can. Use the phrase’ PaiseKamKaro’  whilebargaining in these local markets. That’s all folks about Delhi travel tips and tour ideas. Stay safe and travel safe!.

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