Cruise Vacations in India – A Full Guide

Cruise Vacations in India.
Cruise Vacations in India.

Introduction: Hello travelers, how about cruise vacations in India? Are you planning to spend your weekend in Majestic seas, rivers with lush green surroundings, in our country? There are plenty of options available to hop a luxury cruise that will mesmerize you through the exotic and unexplored locations. You can spend quality time in nature captivities and escape from the bustling city and the work tensions. Take a step ahead and plan for your holiday in the glinting waves.

A step by step guide to Cruise Vacations in India

This post helps you to find the best cruise and more about cruise vacations in India. You can experience the amenities; attractive features along with spectacular nature’s beauty captivate you and intrigue your senses. You can go through the details about the below cruises and find out the best one to spend your cruise vacations in beautiful destinations, India. Here is the list of top cruise vacations in India.

Top Cruise Destinations in India

India is a land of beautiful and exotic locations. Cruise holidays in India are spectacular and you can plan the perfect one for yourself and your family. Luxury cruises are a dream for many of them as they think that they are available only at international destinations. But now with the arrival of luxury cruises in India with spectacular locations, the dream has come true for many of them as they are more accessible.

Top Cruise Destinations in India.
Top Cruise Destinations in India.

Sunderbans Luxury Cruise

This cruise serves with excellent hospitality and exquisite cuisines from all over the world. The best time to plan this cruise is from October to March. Sunderbans well noted as the UNESCO World’s Heritage site and the World’s Largest Royal Bengal Tiger Reserve. The cruise will sail through the mangrove eco-systems and you can spot crocodile sunbathe, the Royal Bengal tiger catching fish much more to explore along the way. Sunderbans are on the waters of Meghna, Padma, and Bharmaputra. You can also observe the color changes in water, some waters are emerald blue and some are muddy waters. If you are a nature lover or adventure freak then you can opt for this cruise which gives you a memorable and pleasure cruise journey.

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Alleppey Cruise – The Oberoi Motor Vessel Vrinda Cruise

Kerala has a unique water network flowing through fields, bordered with date palm trees. Waters flow through the beautiful villages to join the waters with the Arabian Sea. Oberoi Motor Vessel Vrinda Cruise passes through the longest water stretch cruise in Kerala touching the Vembanand Lake and the waters of Alleppey. It is equipped with numerous facilities like 24hrs Wi-Fi for up to 4 devices, personnel butler and many more with excellent hospitality. It provides deluxe benefits, if you want to be assured with privacy there are 8 luxurious deluxe cabins. You can also take king-sized deluxe cabins completely for marriage parties and large get-together. Guests get the international cuisines by master chefs. The best time to visit this Cruise is from November to April, as it does not operate during the period from May 1st to October 31st.

River Ganges Heritage Cruise

The water of Ganges offers excellent views in the verdant forestry and cris crosses across the mighty waters that flow through the Himalayas. It is the longest cruise which is a 260 Km long stretch luxury cruise will be a beautiful exotic experience in your lifetime along the eastern coastline. The MV Paramahamsa is a decked cruiser with 32 spacious rooms and the other category with 20 luxury passenger rooms, 12 family rooms with a measurement of 165 sq. ft for one single Queen Suite. The luxurious rooms are equipped with Air-conditioned with attached bathrooms, king-size beds, tea and coffee makers, along with intercom facility. The Terrace dining space accommodates 80 people with international cuisines and other things. You can also try your dishes in the live kitchen. You can enjoy the cruise with spectacular views and enjoy all the scenic beauty sailing on the emerald blue waters.

M.V Mahaabahu Cruise/ Brahmaputra River Cruise

This magnificent luxury cruise is the gateway for the North-Eastern part of India and makes its guests visit through the states like Assam which is popular for thick dense forests and sliding hill slopes. It starts from Kolkata, and travels through various tribal villages, serene monasteries, vast tea plantations, Nakayam Devi Temple, Tezpur, thrilling water activities like swimming, water scooters, jet skis (can be hired), Jacuzzi, dolphins spots, sea bird watching, video presentation of Wildlife of Kaziranga, can read a book from the libraries. The other activities include watching tea pickers at Silghut, one-horned rhinoceros, cultural activities like dance performances, etc. makes you entertain in all the ways where you can enjoy a lot.

Luxury Vrinda – A Backwater Cruise                                                  

This is the best one to explore the backwaters of Alleppey with the abroad luxury cruise liner Vrinda. It is equipped with all the deluxe cabins on the timber floor with Air conditioning rooms. You can explore the water networks over the Vembanad Sea give you magnificent sea views. All the rooms have attached bathrooms and also provide exotic seafood and international cuisines. It also has a TV/DVD player, comfy furniture, etc. The off-beat activities include an enchanting ride on houseboat, cultural dance Kathakali, watch fishing nets, etc.

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Goa Cruise Destination

Goa is the popular cruise destination in India. Romantic lovers can dance in the moonlight. You can enjoy the golden sunset along the coastlines on the waters of the River Mandovi. It also provides international entertainment sessions, you can also spot dancing Dolphins, pleasant sights in serene surroundings. You have many options to select in such as dinner cruises with Goan music, food, singing, and dancing. Goa Tourism Department runs popular river cruises, whereas few private cruises are also available, Candlelight dinner in the Goa cruise gives you a private and memorable experience. You can also opt for 1 hour or 2-hour river cruises, sunset river cruise based on your time and availability. You can also hire a houseboat cruise, or a yacht or a catamaran for a few hours or the entire day to have a wonderful and peaceful experience. It is available throughout the year except in monsoon. Cruising in Goa has high demand in the winter season.

Costa Neo Classica Cruise

You can enjoy the Gigantic Costa Neo Classica cruise as there is a lot to discover because it involves various activities, tour routes, etc. This cruise can be enjoyed by all the ages as it has the Piscina Capri, PlazzaTrevi with swimming pools, wellness center, and gym, four Jacuzzis, sauna and steam bath options, big treatment rooms, etc. Guests have the facility to select their dinner time and they also can shop at the on-board shopping mall, you can also watch a movie in the theatre, 24hrs Wi-Fi facility, spend your leisure time by reading books, play indoor games, etc.

Kerala Backwater Cruise 

Kerala Backwater Cruise offers splendid views of paddy fields, bamboo on waters, sailing on the waters that connect up to the Arabian Sea. You can also take an off-board boat ride in the narrow waters surrounded by lush green beautiful nature. It would be the most fascinating, peaceful, memorable and private boat ride you will ever have in your lifetime.

Andaman Islands Cruise

You can plan the Andaman Islands tour in Cruise which gives you plenty of options to get over. You can go by yacht, boat, fairy, or a luxurious cruise with all the amenities enjoying all the activities like water sports, off-shore activities, etc. Island tour exhibits an exotic and extravagant experience in the clear waters. The cruise to Andaman is available from the beach places like Vizag, Kolkata, and Chennai. Lakshadweep Island Cruise is the most famous one where many people opt for its excellent hospitality and facilities provided.

Cruises from India to Abroad

Few cruises are also available which connects from India to International distances which include Singapore, Colombo in Srilanka, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Maldives, etc.

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Cruise Tour Packages in India 

Cruise Tour Packages in India.
Cruise Tour Packages in India.

There are many packages available to plan your trip to Cruise. These Cruise packages in India are as follows-

24-Nights Indian Ocean Adventure Voyage for Rs. 2.5 Lakhs per person from Mumbai

4 Nights Mumbai to Cochin Costa Victoria Cruise for Rs. 27,000 per person from Mumbai

4 Nights Cruise from Mumbai New Mangalore Cochin for Rs. 20,900 from Mumbai

7 Nights Cruise from Mumbai to Male Costa Victoria for Rs. 26,125 from Mumbai

2 Night Jalesh Cruise Mumbai Diu Mumbai for Rs. 14,803 from Mumbai

2 Nights Cruise from Mumbai Goa Mumbai Wednesday Sailing for Rs. 14,803 from Mumbai

Singapore Cruise tour for 4 nights 5 days etc.

There are also many packages available where you can opt for them based on your budget plan and availability.

These cruises in India travel through the most scenic water body destinations in India and offer its visitors a refreshing and relaxing time with fun-filled entertainment for few days keeping them away from this hustle and bustle of city life. These cruises are equipped with all the facilities including a mini-clinic with 24 hrs on-call Doctor as few are allergic to sea waters etc. just to add a comfy experience throughout your travel. To plan your travel in Cruise you can book your tickets online, but they are a bit costly but you will never regret to spend the amount if you visit once. I hope this post has provided you the complete information about the top cruises in India.

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